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Matteo Saudino is an Italian teacher, writer and freethinker. He created BarbaSophia, Italy's most popular YouTube channel of philosophy and history lessons.
For Saudino, doing philosophy is an act of rebellion: “paradoxes are destabilizing yet intimately enlightening. We shouldn't see paradox in a negative light, because it helps nourish thought. And thought without paradox is barren land.”

“The effect of these products has been ‘shocking’. Many see them as a threat to the official design landscape.”
Stefano Giovannoni


Merdolino Gold

Design Stefano Giovannoni

So ordinary, so unexpected. Halfway between art and design, a provocation for true collectors.


A conversation about

A cheerfully bizarre dialogue like the meaning to which it is dedicated, Paradox. In a conversation with a surprise ending, Alberto Alessi and Stefano Giovannoni talk about their long collaboration, the provocative power of design and how a small toilet brush has become a real pop icon.