Alessi believes that true Corporate Social Responsibility consists first and foremost of carrying out one’s own activities with care: producing economic value, creating products that are good for people, and valuing people’s work.


Alessi is part of a global movement of companies that, going beyond the goal of profit, see business as a tool to positively influence the community. B Corps are companies convinced that their final aim is more than mere profit. They work to maximise their positive impact on their employees, the communities in which they operate and the environment, using business as a regenerating force for society and for the well-being of the planet. Alessi sees being a B Corp as a way of translating its long-standing way of “doing business” into a formal and recognisable certification.


Società Benefit

The decision to become a Benefit Corporation also from a legal point of view, signed in 2020, represents the formalisation of the company's commitment to pursue, together with the purpose of profit, a common benefit in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way. Alessi has been acting with these intentions since it was founded one hundred years ago, in 1921: ever since then, it has understood its business activity in terms of public benefit, capable of fostering good practices, generating value and encouraging culture, accompanying individual wellbeing and collective progress and committing itself to the measurement and continuous improvement of environmental performance.


Social responsibility

Alessi for Childrens

At Alessi we believe that design should be used to improve people’s lives. This is why the company has been involved in a series of local and international charitable projects for some time. Since 2006 Alessi has partnered Ai.Bi. (Amici dei Bambini) with projects involving various countries that attempt to provide a better future for children with no families all around the world.

Buon Lavoro

In 2013, together with Goodpoint it launched “Buon Lavoro – A Factory for the City”. The project stemmed from the need to manage production overcapacity in the historic Crusinallo plant following the strategic decision to maintain a substantial part of its production in Italy. The company attempted to use its labour force in a “different” way, employing it in socially useful activities for the benefit of the community in which the company operates.

Corporate Policy

As part of its design, production and sale of household items, small furnishings and accessories for the home and catering industry, Alessi sees safeguarding the safety and dignity of employees and respect for the environment as absolutely essential. To this end, the company is seriously committed to developing, producing, distributing and marketing products which have a constantly reduced environmental impact, both during production and at the end of life, and to ensuring that the health and safety of its employees is always safeguarded during production activities at its plants.