The Colour Tales collection is a tribute to Alessandro Mendini’s chromatic research, an interpretation of his personal expressive lexicon, through a palette of special colours for the garments of Anna G. and Alessandro M.

colour tales

Anna G.

A bestseller since it first went into production in 1994, the Anna G. corkscrew was born from a childhood memory of its designer: “My grandmother would open a bottle of wine at the table and it always seemed a kind of ritual ballet: the turning of the head, the arms moving up and down, the sound of the cork popping from the bottle”. In 2021 her unmistakable smile returns with a collection of new colour versions, a tribute to the chromatic research of the designer.

colour tales

Alessandro M.

A self-portrait design created by Alessandro Mendini in 2003, in undergoing a continuous transformation this object-creature is capable of giving life to an extraordinary series of characters. In 2021, the Alessandro M. corkscrew returns dressed in a new chromatic range invented by its author. For collectors of Alessandro Mendini’s work and of his ''quick-change'' corkscrews, and for those wishing to uncork a fine wine with a tool combining function and emotion.

''I have often thought of my design as a system of signs, interwoven with each other and endlessly developed in my designs. Visual alphabets, signs, colours, images, decorative elements, always similar but always different.'' Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini was born in Milan in 1931. He has edited Casabella, Modo and Domus. He was awarded the prize Compasso d'Oro. Among his most significant works were the Groninger Museum of Groningen, the Casino of Arosa and the Forum of Omegna. He reinvented the Alessi image for whom he has been meta-projectual consultant. He has been a designer, an architect and an image consultant for companies like Philips, Swarovski, Swatch and Bisazza. He died on 18 February 2019.