A graduate of the école nationale supérieure d’art (Higher National School of Art) in Dijon in 1985, Moretti founds the 18 Août with Fabrice Berrux and Pascal Oriol in 1987. Bruno Moretti has been working on projects in the field of design and interior architecture. A large number of his works concern "tableware": fruit bowls, trays, cutlery, kitchen utensils, having features in major exhibitions; some of his pieces were entered into the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. His meeting with Guy Savoy in 2012, marks the beginning of a new field of experimentation in table design. This relationship, both friendly and professional, leads to the development of several projects which take a different look at our relationship to objects and culinary habits. With Guy Savoy, Bruno Moretti proceeds with designing a set of "table art" products for the chef’s new Paris restaurant at the Hôtel de la Monnaie de Paris, which opened in 2015.
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