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Alessi & Barilla: A Meeting of Two Italian Icons

It’s a well-known adage amongst chefs that we eat first with our eyes and then with our mouths. Dining is multisensory experience where texture, taste and aesthetics must all come into play. This idea has motivated a new collaboration between Alessi and Barilla. Inspired by Alessi’s design heritage and creativity, Barilla has crafted a new pasta shape, the Trigatelli, that offers a unique combination of visual appeal and deliciousness. The shape is reminiscent of Alessi’s iconic Twergi salt, pepper and spice mills; small, colourful, overlapping sculptures that were designed by Ettore Sottsass to transform even the simplest of dishes into tasty and aesthetic mealtime experiences.

“Design is about taking an object and giving it a meaning higher than its function. The new Trigatelli pasta shape enhances the value of aesthetics in gastronomy and paired with our Twergi mills creates new ways to express the link between food and design.” Alberto Alessi

Barilla’s new Trigatelli pasta shape and Alessi’s iconic Twergi mills will add a touch of imagination to your table. Discover the Twergi collection and other pasta accessories from Alessi.