Alessi: Designing a better future as a B Corp

Alessi renews its commitment as a B Corp, prioritizing well-being, responsible business practice and positive social impact, striving for continual improvement towards a better future.

March 19, 2024

We are delighted to renew, once again, our commitment as a B Corp. Being a B Corp for Alessi means translating into a formal and recognizable certification what has always been the essence of our business: pursuing the well-being of the company along with that of society, thanks to the constant search for a balance between people, product, and profit.

It is a source of pride for us to be part of a global movement of companies that, going beyond the goal of profit, see business as a tool to positively influence the community. Alessi was among the first 50 companies to obtain the prestigious certification in Italy and is the only one, to date, among the Italian Design Factories.

This certification was obtained after successfully completing a complex and detailed assessment process, the B Impact Assessment, which considers practices, initiatives, and results in five thematic areas: governance, employee relations, customer relations, the company's role in the community, and environmental sustainability of processes and products. In each of these areas, Alessi has consistently received a higher evaluation than the average of companies undergoing the mentioned process, since the first certification in 2017.

To maximize positive impact on employees and the environment, we operate responsibly and transparently, valuing art and poetry as part of the industrial production process in order to satisfy the cultural and aesthetic needs of the public. Our goal is to design improvement paths consistent with our future development projects.

For Alessi, being a B Corp isn't about reaching a destination; it's about an ongoing quest for a better future.