Alessi para profesionales

Regalos de Empresa

Alessi, la marca de diseño italiana líder de renombre mundial, pone su amplia experiencia y sus productos a disposición de los Regalos de empresa.



Via Privata Alessi, 6 28887 Crusinallo (VB) Italy

Tel. (+39)0323 868611

Corporate Gifts

Certain objects are a part of our daily existence and can define the domestic scenario where we arrange our lives when we are at our most intimate or when we have guests. There are objects that make the small, everyday gestures easier, more pleasant and more “ours”. We express our style and our essence through them, and we satisfy our desires. The objects from the Alessi Dream Factory are designed precisely to make us happy when we buy them for ourselves and to make others happy when they receive them as a gift.


Customize Products

Besides offering a broad selection of objects, Alessi also has a personalisation service to make your gift even more exclusive: logos and brands personalization, customised colours...


The packaging can be personalised with bands and labels created ad hoc, thus inserting your logo on existing packaging. For more information, please contact our creative team.