Mix your life

To connoisseurs but also to beginners in the art of Mixology. Professional yet easy-to-use tools.

Design meets the art
of cocktail making

Alessi Mixology offers five different kits, each dedicated to a cocktail expressly created by Oscar Quagliarini, the internationally renowned mixologist.


North Tide

Ingredients 4 cl gin, Wild Botanical tonic water, 5-6 sprigs of glasswort.

Place the glasswort in the shaker, crush lightly with a pestle and add ice. Pour the gin into the measure and then into the shaker. Shake and pour into a glass with ice, after having filtered the liquid with a strainer to retain the residue. Add the tonic and garnish with a sprig of glasswort and a seashell.


Solar Eclipse

Ingredients Tangerine juice (alternatively orange or grapefruit), 1.5 cl lime juice, 3 cl cordial lime, 4 cl vodka, edible gold glitter.

Put ice in the shaker. Add all the ingredients, shake and pour into the glass through the strainer to retain the ice. The coloured finish gives the cocktail an exceptional visual effect.


The Player

Ingredients a few yellow grapefruit segments, 5 cl fresh grapefruit juice, 3 cl Q red bitters, tonic water, some drops of green “rosmatimo” bitter.

Put the grapefruit segments in the glass, crush them with the pestle. Pour in grapefruit juice, ice, Q red bitters and tonic water. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and thyme. For the bitters: combine 6 parts 96° alcohol and 4 parts water, add rosemary and thyme. Leave to infuse for 7 days, squeeze, filter, add green food colouring and insert into a dropper.