On June 10th, 2020, during an Alessi S.p.A. Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, the change of the Statute, transforming the company into a Benefit Corporation, has been approved. 

A Benefit Corporation is a legal entity classification introduced by the 2016 Stability Law, providing that for-profit companies that also claim the responsible, sustainable and transparent pursuit of common good purposes in their Statute. 

The common good is the pursuit of one or more positive effects derived from commercial activity, or the reduction of negative ones, on people, community as a whole and on the business environment.

Every year, in parallel with the preparation of the financial statement, a Benefit Corporation shall disclose a statement regarding the other goals and evaluate the overall impact on society and the environment.

 Italy is the first European country to adopt the legal classification of Benefit Corporation, imported from the United States, and Alessi is the first Design Factory to choose this route.

 Alessi has always believed in the public utility of business activities, that is the betterment of society, not only through the generation of economic wealth, but also the creation and valuation of people’s work and the manufacturing of products that impact the quality of life. Choosing the form of Benefit Corporation, the company formally integrates these objectives with traditional business goals.

Bringing art and poetry into industrial production; taking care of people, considering them as a goal and not a means to an end; generating profit equitably and sustainably within a medium long-term perspective and creating wealth that will affect the whole context. These are the three pillars on which the work of Alessi as a Benefit Corporation is built on, accompanied by the protection for the community and the environment.

Oakley recent entry in the Corporation alongside the Alessi family, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the company and the need to name a different way of doing business, which has always characterized Alessi, has allowed the identification of 2020 as the best year for this type of change.

With the company transformation into Benefit Corporation, Alessi carries out a development process that in 2017 had granted it the B Corporation certification, the first among Italy’s Design Factories – a recognition that put Alessi among the companies that utilize business as regenerative force for the society and the wellbeing of the planet.