The B Corp #UnlockTheChange campaign is back: with a focus on regenerative economy, climate action, and gender equality

Milan, June 28, 2021

The B Corp community has been seeing constant, worldwide growth, one that includes Italy. This growth takes many forms. The number of certified businesses increases, but so does public opinion, language, and the commitment and effort of all those involved in accelerating the inevitable transition towards a new socioeconomic paradigm. One of regeneration rather than extraction, a model that creates a sustained prosperity that can be shared with everyone. The objective and mission of the B Corp organization is to use business as a force for positive change. It is built around key values including responsibility, transparency, interdependence, inclusion, and innovation. This concept is inspired by a vision that can finally balance impact and profit, based on the stakeholder company model, creating values for everyone, and not just for the stakeholders.

It is a movement made up of businesses with their own, independent activities and projects that, in turn, generate positive environmental and social impact on a daily basis. This progress can be periodically measured in order to track the path towards an objective of constant improvement. B Corps have a positive influence and inspire, with their spirit of interdependence, other businesses in other sectors. As of today, B Corps number in the thousands worldwide, with over 140,000 using their tools (BIA - B Impact Assessment - available online) in 153 different sectors across 77 countries. Today, Italy boasts 120 B Corps and 4000 worldwide. With the objective in mind of giving businesses the opportunity to take advantage of tools that allow them to operate according to this double objective (seeking profit as well as positive social and environmental impact) the B Corp organisation has been developing a new legal form for businesses since 2010, the Benefit Corporation. In 2016, Italy was the first Sovereign State to introduce Società Benefit that are able to remain for-profit while also including the creation of shared long term value. This new legal form with its bylaws has now been adopted by over a thousand Italian companies. While the B Corp model grows in the sphere of public opinion (in an unprecedented 2020 many media outlets presented it to the public, giving it both space and value), the new communication campaign will come out today, for the second consecutive year. This campaign will continue to tell stories of the values, spirit, and actions that characterize B Corps with the objective of informing, influencing, and activating the private sector, though not exclusively, around key themes that need to guide and accelerate the transition to a more evolved and sustainable business model. The focus is on climate change and gender equality, both real and tangible emergencies that need to
be confronted deeply and radically.

This Campaign will launch today throughout the end of the year, with a presence in all the main national print newspapers, digital channels, social media, podcasts, and a series of activities with a peak around the months of October and November, aimed directly at the business world as well as the general public, developing awareness about a movement made up of brands that Italians know and buy every day. Through #UnlockTheChange, we want to tell the story of our value creation and positive impact on a social and environmental level, to help choose a more virtuous way of living our daily life.

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