The premise: over the last few years, we progressively figured out that in a globalised world, Alessi was too small to continue alone along the path that had led the company to become an example of design excellence and the spirit of research, an internationally recognised piece of Made in Italy.

As Alessi's hundred-year anniversary approaches, in recent years the family has begun to look for a partner who believed in the company, recognised its value and intended to work together with the current ownership, in order to guarantee a future in continuity with its successful history.

This path led to the formal conclusion, on August 28th, of a partnership agreement with the English fund Oakley. We believe that this choice, which respects the criteria defined at the beginning of the process of opening up the capital, can bring a substantial contribution to the company in terms of momentum and openness, particularly for what concerns international markets, of which we recognise the importance in order to grow.

Oakley has therefore acquired 40% of the capital and enters as a minority shareholder, underwriting an important increase in capital destined to be totally invested in the company, mainly for the renewal and strengthening of retail channels, for communication investments and digital technologies. Alberto Alessi will continue to hold the office of President of Alessi S.p.A. responsible for products, brand identity and design excellence.

The entrance of the partner marks an indispensable moment of discontinuity to address the changing landscape of recent years. The aim is certainly not to overturn the identity of the company. It is rather to strengthen and bolster it insisting on the assets that have determined our success for almost 100 years: worldwide brand recognition; the ability to bring to the marketplace the most interesting creations of the international design; personnel  possessing both design and production skills, which guarantee very high levels of quality.

The family will oversee this continuity, guaranteeing respect and responsibility towards the local people and context.


Alessi Spa is a Benefit Corporation. The shareholders are: Carlo ed Ettore di Alberto, Alessio e Stefano Alessi & C Sapa (60%), Iconic Holdco (UK) Limited (40%).
The board of directors consists of: Alberto Alessi Anghini, Vicente Castellano Ortega, Daniel Talens Tellez, Alessio Alessi Anghini, Stefano Alessi Anghini, Alexander Fiske Collins, Harry Gunther Sascha Emre.